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Glass Industry

Cold Zone

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Final preparation of glass cups ready for use in the food industry.

Transfer between palletizing zone and final shipping zone or staging zone to palletizing zone.
Transport and final preparation of glass pallets to the dispatch warehouse. Tracking of the type of pallet in each zone of the line.

Preparation of materials for the palletization zone.

Preparation of pallets according to the different glass end products.

Elaboração de paletes conforme os diferentes produtos finais de vidro.

Placing all items in the same orientation, making automatic palletizing possible.

Hot Zone

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Control system for adjusting ventilation according to the needs of the IS Machine.

Verification of the final weight of the glass drop (weight of the final article) and automatic rejection in case of deviation from the defined limits.

Wiring of the electrical component of IS.X Machines

Wiring of the electrical system supporting the oven heating.

Electric wiring of the oven control system, Working End & Forehead.