• Motivation:
  • Objectives/description:
  • The search of specific products from the construction industry led to SECIL the construction of its 5th unit of production of dry mortar in Montijo. This unity built from scratch is equipped with more recent technology in production of mortars allowing guarantee a production with a quality which is recognized him.

    This unit began the production in 2011 and had an execution time of 6 months and will produce dry mortars packed in bags or in bulk.

     Has been proposed build a fabril unity that integrates a silage and storage of raw materials, composition of mortars and packing in bags or bulk distribution.

    The implemented system manages the ensilage of raw materials, controls the drying of the raw material more used, a sand, makes weighing dynamic and static of raw materials, and does storage of dry mortar in silos to bulk expedition or how the bagging and palletizing.

    Through the system SCADA is possible in real time, through the emission of reports, know the quantity of raw materials in stock, the daily production, weekly, monthly and annual as well as the quantity of product in storage.

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