Drop Weight 

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  • The glass products of packing are manufactured in IS machines, fed by molten glass from the kiln. At the entry of machine, the glass is cut in little portions, denominated drop weight. Each drop is forwarded for its mold that give rise a new product(bottle, flask, between others).

    Being the drop weight variation pointed among the eight causes more commons of defects in glass of packing, the measurement of weight and consequent rejection of each drop weight of glass is crucial.

    Using a hardware of industrial electronic developed by our team, connected a PLC, we obtain a system able to characterize the plunger movement within of each mold, allowing the measurement of drop weight of glass.

    After the analysis of each movement based in several parameterized values in software, the system rejects automatically the products whose weight, time of pressing or movement not found us parameterized values.

    All of quantities relevant to process are available to operator in graphical format.

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