Paletizador / Palletizer

  • Motivation:
  • Objectives/description:
  • Due to various types of articles produced (carboys, bottles, flasks and others) as well as different configurations for expedition of pallets the palletizer becomes in more machine versatile and adapted to the needs of client that Glass Soft produces.

    The palletizer is configurable in all its dimensions as well as in all of its components:

    • Input : 2, 4, or more rows
    • Pusher: 2, 4, or more rows, advance in continuous or step-by-stepp
    • Input table: with 1 or 2 interceptores, with or without cintadora
    • Heads: Head tube, vacuum head or drag head
    • Centering Layers: with or without applicator of plastic film
    • Carriers of Input/Output: with or without accumulator/dispenser of pallets, with or without applicator of plastic film
    • Forming trays: integrating the palletizer

    Besides of traditional  PLC , the network  I/O distributed and the HMI interfaces, in palletizer the positioning has itself the greatest factor  need for control forcing the intensive use of motors with encoders for servo motors.

    Another point of highlights is besides the use of physical barriers the use of a Controller of Security to protect equipments and people.

    Therefore each palletizer is an unique machine realized at request and tailored to each client.

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