Bottles Adviser

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  • Objectives/description:
  • In palletizer of glass bottles of packing, placement the same on a pallet requires a defined positioning to it be possible to obtain equal layers.

    In this particular case, the bottles have a concave surface and a convex
    surface, whereby the palletizing is only possible if the bottles are oriented
    the same way, allowing the positioning of each in the new pallet layer.

    Taking into account that the orientation of bottles in this point of process is random, our team implemented a system of computational vision that allows detect the orientation of each product.

    Each bottle is analysed individually and, in function of his orientation, is
    rotated so as to be delivered to the palletizer in correct position. The
    architecture developed is composed by cameras, an industrial automaton and motor units, and also allows the rejection of bottles in situations what is not possible the correction of orientation.

    The interface man-machine, also developed for us, offers to operators diverse information on system. At the mechanical level the manipulators have adjust vertical and horizontal.

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