Gyptec Ibérica S.A.

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  • Objectives/description:
  • The PRECERAM group, dedicated to the production of certificated ceramic products for the construction market, has installed in 2008 the factory Gyptec Ibéria S.A., with 13.500 m2 production area, on Industrial Park  and Comercial of Figueira da Foz.

    Having how its objective the control and total monitoring of production, preparation and expedition of plasterboard, was born of the need of the project, execution, commissioning and assistance of an industrial installation of "root", with high level of industrial automation.

    With cooperation of P.E.S. business  - Projeto, Equipamentos e Sistemas, Lda, responsible for the mechanical component, we developed a project "ready to use" which translates in high number of panels electrical  and equipments, in technological and innovative solution.

    The architecture implemented is constituted for several interconnected PLC with  PLC of security, variable speed drives, sensory modules ,modules of I/O and system of supervision, a total installed capacity of 2,500 kW. The system developed thus allows know the operation of process in real time and act on it according the production needs, being made available to the maintenance team the appropriate tools for a precise intervention.  The Gyptec Ibérica S.A. produces about 10 million of plasterboard per year.

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