BA Venda Nova

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  • Objectives/description:
  • In 2010 a BA Vidro, fruit of need of remodeling and increase of production of its unity in the Venda Nova, it was proposed make a new installation to composition of glass. The new composition would be installed in new area, would replace and begin in operation so the furnace that was under renovation when under power.

    This project would have to be create a new building (Civil Project), installed the new equipments (Mechanical Project) and automated the process (Electrical Project) in short time, the latter being the factor that led to BA Vidro to adjudicated this work to P.E.S. - Projetos, Equipamentos e Sistemas, Lda as responsible for the project being the responsibility to Glass Soft the automation of the process.

    As main goal was defined that the installation it should make 3000 Kg of composition for glass for each 4m30s, and, it distributes for two existing ovens.

    In terms of automation has been developed an architecture that allowed centralize all potency and command in one electrical panel, where have been installed several PLC's, speed variation in all engines, systems static weighing and dynamic as well as HMI and SCADA terminals.

    It is thus possible to control and monitorize in real time the silage of raw materials, the weighing of the composition according to predefined recipe, the transport and distribution by two ovens and even the internal and external hull circuit. You can also track all actions carried out by operators and access to production reports.

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